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Here’s Your Damn Amber
Hopsolute IPA
Big Bend Blonde
Rosco’s Rye PA
Goosetown Brown
4th Anniversary Pale
Bourbon 101 Imperial IPA ( regular 101 will be back  on when this bourbon keg blows)
Nitro Beers On Tap:
Nitro Slainte Stout
Nitro Vanilla Goosetown Brown


Thursdays Cask- Hop Chops Dry Hopped with Summer Hops

We are currently brewing  Baffing Spoon Scottish Ale, 101 Imperial IPA, Fresh Hop Hopsolute IPA and Tangarillo Wheat.






Dunkels Uncle

A German dark lager brewed american style. Sweet maltiness and light bittering makes it easy to drink and refreshing. You can also get this on nitro now if you want that creamy deliciousness!

ABV 5.2%


101 Imperial IPA (limited availability)

Why do we call it the “101”? Three reasons: it’s 10.1% abv, it’s 101 IBU’s and the dry-hopping we did to it cost us $101. This deceptively smooth Imperial IPA hits your nose with grapefruit and apple and layers the tongue with a hop profile that will put a smile on your ever-hop-lovin’ face.

10.1% ABV


Baffing Spoon Scottish Ale (Winter Seasonal)

Smooth and mild, from the use of ESB, Roast, Wheat, Dark Munich and Special Roast malts, this Scottish will put a tune in your bagpipes and a swing in your kilt!

7.2% ABV


Big Bend Blonde Ale

A simple, refreshing light bodied ale with a slightly hoppy finish.

5.3% ABV


Bitter Rain ESB

ESB stands for Extra Special Bitter. Seven different kinds of grains give this beer a very interesting malt profile. A balanced dose of Centennial and Goldings hops make this a very satisfying ESB.

5.8% ABV


Goosetown Brown

Slightly sweet, smoky and full-bodied. Chocolate, roasted and dark Munich malts give this beer a nice mahogany color and rich flavor. This big brown ale will warm you up!

7% ABV

Hop Chops IPA Beer

Hop Chops IPA

Our flagship IPA starts with a citrus and melon aroma, then transitions into a light-bodied, aggressively-hopped, Northwest-style IPA that will blow your hair back.

6.8% ABV


Mystery Wheat Ale

Clean and refreshing, this simple American wheat ale has a slight sweet presence from a randomly-picked organic fruit juice. Different every time! Can you guess the mystery fruit in this batch?

4.5% ABV

Slainte Stout Irish Beer

Slainte Stout

Slainte (pronounced Shlon-cha) is the Irish word for cheers!  This creamy, smooth, dark beauty has ample amounts of caramel, roasted and chocolate malts giving it its complex flavorful body. Can you taste Toffee?

6.6% ABV


Sucellus Imperial Porter

Named for the Celtic god of agriculture and alcoholic drinks, he is often seen carrying a hammer and a beer keg on a long pole.  We crammed a whole lot of oatmeal and chocolate malts into this ale.  Our imperial porter richly coats the tongue with smooth, dark chocolate and the kind of velvety goodness that’ll make you think the whole world loves you – even your mother-in-law. Our bourbon barrel-aged version of this beer will have you loving her back.

9.5% ABV

Other North Sound Beers


Big R Imperial Red (Winter Seasonal)

Lots of malt and lots of hops means there’s lots going on in this ale!! The initial full bodied malt start to this beer gives way to a lingering spicy bitter finish. You might want to use both hands when steering this one! This is one to chew on!!!! Cheers!

9% ABV


Creepy Monkey Barrel-Aged Double Brown

Think our Goosetown Brown is good? Try this double version of it on for size. Weighing in at 12% ABV, we crammed twice as much malt and hops into half as much water for a deeply rich, high-test brown bombshell. Then we aged all of it in three different kinds of Whiskey barrels and blended it back together…because we love you.

12% ABV


Hop Saw IPA

Our Hop Saw IPA is balanced with subtle caramel malts and a zing of some fun and traditional hops like Warrior and Cascade. It will wake your mouth up…after it fills your nose with a Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial and Chinook dry-hop.

7.5% ABV


Hopsolute IPA (limited availability)

This is the “year-round” version of our very popular fresh hop IPA. We hop burst this recipe so that you get all of the flavor and aroma in the beginning and a balanced bitterness at the end. You might find it slightly refreshing, (and addicting…)

6.4% ABV


X-Batch Beers

We use this label to brew unique, one-run beers.

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